The New Tooth Fairy Tradition for the Whole Family!

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There is something about Baby Teeth! We want to save them, but where do we put them? It’s a BIG deal for kids when they lose their teeth. It is a milestone in life for them, to show their friends and family they are growing up.

No matter how a kid loses their tooth, they make sure to bring it home to mom . . . to save!

Now they can have their very own Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book as their place of honor to store those baby teeth they are so proud of!

Share it with them now, or surprise them with it later.

This is a keepsake holder to display baby teeth as the child loses them. This keepsake is a box formed in a hardback story book. On the inside, it displays on the left a poem regarding the Tooth Fairy and the child. On the right side is a diagram showing the graphical representations and dental terminology that corresponds with your child's twenty baby teeth. There are date entry lines for filling in the dates that a child's baby teeth fell out. As the teeth fall out, you poke a hole in the correct location where the tooth has fallen out on the diagram. Then, add a little bit of water base glue, push the baby tooth in to display the teeth, and remember them the way they were in your child's mouth. It will be a heirloom collectible for any parent and child.

What a Keepsake!
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When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth, do you know what she did? She made a map to visit you 'cause you're a special kid! First she got your home address and checked her fairy map, then she flew to your place where she saw your brand new "gap". Of course, she took your worn-out tooth, just like she's always done. But she's left something nice instead to help you have some fun!

                                         Celebrity owned!

My Tooth Fairy Keepsake Books have gone out so far to: Gwen Stefani, Debra Messing, Courteney Cox, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow (Apple), Melissa Joan Hart, Michelle Williams, Angela Jolie (Maddox, Pax, and Zahara), Heidi Klum (Leni and Henry), Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields (Rowan), Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Denise Richards, Joely Fisher, Dayna Devon, Us Weekly, and People Magazine.

Dayna Devon (Co-Host of ET) with daughter Emmi, showing off their Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book.

Samantha Harris (Dancing with the Stars judge) showing her belly and the Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book

Joley Fisher (Desperate housewives) showing off her new Tooth fairy Keepsake Book


Courtney Cox has one for Coco! And Brooke Shields too!


The Tooth Fairy Keepsake Book has earned the recognition of your toughest critic - Mom!

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